TRACK PM – New Report – Fee Details Report. This report will show you all fees within reservations to be able to QA and check what fees you will have realizing in the future, and at the time of booking
TRACK PM – Enhancement – RemoteLock Update. Automatically adding the “#” to the end of the lock code. This will display in all of the appropriate places
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Get Directions. Directions will now link to to a directions map, not a general area / place map
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – AirBnB Fees. Refactoring the way fees are able to be entered within the TRACK application. This also resolved nightly, and percentage based fees issue. In the event that TRACK is a new PM converting existing listings, we have resolved the issue keeping legacy settings from those systems.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Authorize.Net Deposits – Resolves an issue matching unlinked refunds to direct refunds within the TRACK deposit tool.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Travel Agent Estimate – Resolved an issue around setting the estimated Travel Agent Commission at the time of applying the Travel Agent.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Payment Portal Updates – Resolves an issue where a consumer is paying more than a payment policy indicates for a policy breakpoint.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Maintenance Task Ordering – Resolves and issue that when using a Task List on Maintenance work orders that the tasks were displaying out of order on the Work Order itself.
TRACK CRM – Enhancement – Outbound Email Log. This has been enhanced to have a status filter, which will include all of our email statuses, as well as a brand filter that will let you filter emails by brand