Enhanced HTML Email Signature

Users can now add HTML email signatures that allow you to design your signatures to look and feel the way you want them to. To set your enhanced email signature go to Configuration > Company Setup tab > Users > Edit User > Email Signature.

Users can also set their own signature by clicking on My Profile in the top right corner:

Other Updates

  • Added ‘Open Leads’ to the end of the Marketing Demand Report.
  • Added filter ‘Conversation Result’ to Score Calls and My Score Calls pages.

Property Management

New CSA Travel Insurance XML Integration

If you use CSA as your travel insurance provider we have a new integration connection via XML. This new connection will feed newly purchased policies to CSA automatically and create a policy number.

Information includes: Internal ID, Policy # (from CSA), Status, Amount, Res. Total, Opt-in Date, Purchased Date, and Cancelled Date.

We’ve updated or created the following reports:

  • Travel Insurance Opt In/Out (updated)
  • CSA Travel Insurance (updated)
  • CSA Travel Insurance Cumulative (new)

New Special Requests Report

This new report shows you any reservation notes that are special request. The report is filtered to show you the results by date requested.

Reports > PMS Reports tab > Front Desk section > Special Requests

Other Updates

  • Fixed issue with checkout date before check-in date on Owner Portal.
  • Added logic to properly show bedroom filter on IRM to only the number of bedrooms your properties have.
  • Guest Portal
    • Moved the ‘Misc’ tab on rental from last to second (desktop & mobile).
    • Fixed the CSS in the menu to be fixed.
    • Fixed the width of the menu on desktop when collapsed, without this the icons don’t show up.
    • Added process to re-build CSS for all companies that have the Guest Portal turned on.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to void a charge under Vendor Bill tab on Work Order. Void Service – fixed error with cascade persist.
  • Fixed issue on HomeAway that was showing discrepancies with fee pricing.
  • Updated ‘Tax By Unit Report’ to include check-in and checkout date.
  • Added guest email and phone numbers to excel version of Guest Sales report.