Rate, Revenue and Reservation Management

Optimize rates and reservations

Rate management is a constant pain in many legacy software solutions. TRACK delivers a powerful and rate management solution saving time and improving ADR while simplifying the booking process with a one screen reservation system.

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Southern Vacation Rentals increases revenue with TRACK PMS

Southern Vacation Rentals consolidated over 5 different software platforms into one solution, streamlining operations, enhancing the guest and owner experience and improving revenue while saving on cost and operational overhead.

Book from one screen

TRACK makes creating reservations an easy process with a one screen booking interface. Easily check availability, perform advanced searches, review property details, generate quotes and book reservations without opening additional tabs.

Ideal for large scale property managers
Search for specific units
Provide a quote in a few clicks
One page booking
Configurable filters
Fast and powerful

Highly configurable rates, rate types and reservation types

TRACK gives you the full flexibility to create your own reservation types, rate types, fees, discounts and more. Optimize the booking process by automatically applying custom rules based on reservation type, time of year, location and unit type.

Flexible rate adjustments
Customizable rate types
Customizable reservation types
Customizable fees
Reservation fees by unit
Discounts & promo codes

Automate communications throughout the guest journey

Automate communications throughout the guest journey including pre-stay, after check-in, and after check-out via email and text message with robust, configurable triggers and automations. Easily update and change rates, reservation types, units and more.

Automated e-signature guest contracts

TRACK is integrated with PandaDoc for automating e-signature guest contracts. Easily send and receive contracts to ensure proper compliance and to help fight chargebacks.

Rate, minimum stay and occupancy management

Set rates across areas, nodes, unit types or at an individual unit level with multi-calendar support, minimum stay, occupancy and check-in rule management. Copy rates from one unit across others for mass editing functionality. For large scale property managers with 500+ units, TRACK will be releasing a rate export and import tool via Excel soon.

Copy rates
Dynamic pricing integration
Unit fee pricing
Create multiple calendars
Rate overrides
Min-stay overrides

Training when you need it

We understand the hospitality has more turnover than some industries. We provide initial training throughout the setup and implementation, but after the initial implementation, we also provide ongoing training and support for you and your team members. In addition, we have a growing library of content for self-help so you can learn on-demand. Check out our support channel and TRACK University frequently for new content and training materials.

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