Contact Center Reporting

Track your calls and get key insights

Enterprise resorts, hotels, and hospitality companies utilize call tracking to ensure quality customer service and to measure key data and performance insights. The performance of the reservations team directly affects revenue, call tracking is the first step in improving this performance.

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Brittain Resorts and Hotels uses TRACK reporting for 3,500+ room contact center

Enterprise data and reporting allows Brittain Resorts and Hotels to improve and optimize performance of 65 agents with up to 100 in peak call times.

View real-time insights on demand

TRACK provides contact center reporting to give managers and executives access to enterprise-level business intelligence and timely key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition to in-depth reporting across Voice, Email, Text and Chat, TRACK provides a dedicated customer success team to review data with your team on a monthly basis to ensure you have insights from trained consultants.

Real time data
Fast reporting engine
Optimized for big data
Dedicated customer success
Custom reports on request
Data migration for y/y analysis

Contact center + CRM reports in one view

See how your contact center, call data, and Omni-communication data directly impacts your revenue. Seeing an increase in abandonment? This may lead to a decrease in one call resolution and gross conversion rates. See a decrease in agent productivity? This may lead to a decrease in res-lead rates and reduced outbound revenue. By combining CRM and revenue data with contact center data, you get a more complete picture of the overall performance of your reservations department.

Measure agent productivity to ensure high performance and make better staffing decisions

Ensure your agents are efficiently handling calls. Measure conversation time compared to wrap up time, set benchmarks and optimize workflow to ensure your agents are able to effectively convert calls into reservations and non-booked calls into leads for follow up. Tracking and measuring agent productivity lead to better staffing decisions and less operational cost while leading to better performance.

Conversation productivity
By time and %
Inbound vs outbound
By agent, by call
Filter by brands and teams

See accurate agent conversion and revenue data

TRACK conversion data across agents with accuracy. TRACK syncs with your PMS and is able to show you one call conversions as well as total conversions by direction (inbound vs outbound). TRACK can show you start source and origin source to see the full buyer’s journey and can give you insights into your top performing agents, as well as those that need help.

70+ Out of the box reports

Get insights into your CRM and Reservations team like never before. Need additional business intelligence? TRACK can sync your data with Tableau for further customization and automation.

Campaign Revenue
Campaign Statistics
Marketing Demand
Geo Marketing
Leads By Check-In Date
Leads Lost Analysis
Lead Pipeline - Aging
Lead Pipeline - Activity Count
Outbound Email Log
Agent Conversation Results
Agent Chat Details
Agent Chat Summary
Agent Productivity
Agent Booked Revenue
Audited Conversion Rate
Call Conversions
Chat Conversions
One Call Resolution
Agent Call Scoring Summary
Agent Call Audit Summary

TRACK Pulse and CRM Integrates with top PMS systems for hotels and vacation rentals

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