Improve Owner Retention

Happy owner, happy property manager

Owner acquisition and retention is one of the most important metrics for vacation rental managers. TRACK enables you to compete and increase revenue for property owners, while delivering a seamless asset management solution to ensure your properties are cared for and retained.

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Enhance the owner experience

Show your owners the value of your rental management program by providing timely information, performance reporting and a portal to book their own reservations, download statements, tax forms and more.

Owner portal
Owner online booking
Owner statements
Integrated tax forms
Automated texts & emails
Unlimited contract types
Integrated owner accounting
Fractional Ownership

Provide your owners with a responsive owner portal

TRACK includes a central location for owners to book reservations, see reservation performance, work orders, statements and tax forms. TRACK helps companies from 50 to 1,000+ units manage owners and give them access via a responsive web portal that can be accessed on any device.

Easy, fast, accurate owner statements

Save time at month end with our powerful, fast, owner statement tool. Create accurate owner statements with integrated accounting. Automatically sync all guest and owner stays, work orders and transactions. Configure, edit and control the information you share with your owners. Send via email and post to the owner portal for easy access.

Weekly or monthly statements
Customizable options
Batch ACH / Nacha
Tax forms / year end
Display work orders
Hide guest names

Automate important owner communications

TRACK Triggers and Automation help you to create custom owner communications via email and text message. Configure specific text message inboxes for your property managers or owner liaison/account managers for convenient communications, without crowding your reservations inbox. Add data fields to pull relevant data points from contacts, unit information, housekeeping, maintenance, owner, and reservation information into the communications, personalizing every message.

Create and configure unlimited owner contracts

TRACK provides flexible owner contract management to create and configure unlimited owner contracts for all of your unique situations. Create different commission structures by reservation type and add breakpoints for long-term stays. Add and manage default markup settings, create and adjust work order item charges, enable payment processing fees, minimum night stay overrides and more.

Add payment processing fees
Default markups
Min stay overrides
Work order item charges
Commission breakpoints
Owner commission splits

End of Month Reporting Done With Ease

Tiresome manual entry of month-end reviews has been eliminated with TRACK’s highly configurable accounting platform. With automated reports and statements generated, avoid room for errors and save time. Single statement review is made simple through each department with individual approval buttons. Get end of month statements to owners by their preferred method of owner portal, email, or mail.

Highly Configurable
Single Statement Review
No Manual Entry
Less Room For Error
Airbnb Connectivity

Ready to get started?

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