Call Tracking And Recording

Gain insights and improve training and customer service

Every day reservation agents on TRACK handle over 10,000 guest calls. TRACK helps these agents deliver better guest experiences and personalized service, backed by TRACK’s dedicated training and support staff, real time tracking and recording tools, scoring, and coaching modules.

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Skytop Lodge switches to TRACK from NAVIS and sees increase in conversion and revenue

Watch Skytop Lodge key team members discuss their transition from NAVIS to TRACK and how they saw increased conversion and revenue.

Top reservation teams use TRACK to increase conversion rates and revenue

The days of reservation teams simply taking orders are long gone. Now, sophisticated teams utilize industry specific call center technology to capture lost leads, improve the guest experience and increase direct bookings.

Call tracking key features

TRACK delivers real time access to recorded calls for instant playback and stores calls for as long as you want. All calls can be attached to a contact or customer profile for reference. Keeping track of calls can be useful when dealing with customer complaints or disputes, and with employee training.

Inbound / outbound recording
Searchable logs
Contact / CRM integration
Call details
Filter by agent / campaign
Easy call playback
Unlimited storage
Voice to text transcription

Instantly add local and toll free tracking numbers, seamlessly voice and text enabled

Easily add local and toll free numbers to track specific campaigns. Attach numbers to inboxes and call plans for optimal call or text messaging flow. Automatically measure marketing return on investment by utilizing DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion).

Toll-free and local
Instant access
Twilio integration
Port numbers into TRACK
Assign to campaigns
Voice and text enabled
Only pay for what you use

Real time data and contact center insights

TRACK provides real time reporting and insights across one or multiple brands. Contact center managers are able to see all of their critical metrics in real time including speed to answer, abandonment rate, conversion rate, handle time and more across inbound and outbound calls.

Fast, accurate reporting
Key performance indicators
Configurable filters
Scalable for multi-location
Advanced business intelligence
Tableau BI integration

Call Tracking Reporting

TRACK includes standard business intelligence reporting out of the box for all types of properties, from single independent properties seeking basic reporting functionality to advanced reporting for multi-location enterprises, as well as API and data access for custom business intelligence for the enterprise.

Last Call Action
Abandonment Details
Abandonment Summary
Queue Abandonment (Calls)
Queue Abandonment (Chats)
Blocked Calls
Call Diagram
Call Volume - Series
Call Volume - Aggregation
Conversation Volume
Hourly Conversation Volume
Exception [Non Lead]-Detail
Exception [Non Lead]-Summary
Calls/Leads Lost
Average Speed to Answer (Calls)
Number Usage
Push / Roll Up
Agent Booked Revenue
Call Conversions
One Call Conversion Rate

TRACK CRM Integrates with top PMS systems for hotels and vacation rentals

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