Product Release | October 31st, 2019



  • Automated Housekeeping Work Orders
    NOTE: Behind feature flag, can be enabled by request.
    Now you can set a scheduled interval within housekeeping preferences. This interval will allow you to set how many days in advance of departure a work order will be created. Track’s system will automatically account for last minute reservations that are already within the interval. Work orders will be assigned to the unit’s default housekeeper. Additionally within the reservation type a small change has been made to allow for no departure clean as an option (no work order created), otherwise the reservation type will determine the departure clean type in the automation.

  • New Housekeeping Assignment Screen
    NOTE: Behind feature flag, can be enabled by request.
    The new housekeeping assignment screen will allow the user to rapidly change work order dates, clean types and assignments. The work orders can be adjusted through the assignments page without leaving the screen one at a time or in bulk. All housekeeping work orders for a day, selectable by the Track user, will appear and be editable together on one screen.  The screen also features extensive filters to isolate targeted work orders for assignment.

  • Created a new API for amenity groups.

  • Added a nightly rate breakdown to the audit log on reservations. When rates are changed on a reservation, now each night change will be reflected in the log instead of only a total.

  • Updated the general ledger export to include item name.

Bug Fix:

  • Corrected an issue where unsupported Airbnb notifications were generating an error.

  • Corrected an issue where a timestamp being deleted on a folio was causing a join issue

  • Corrected an issue where if a reservation’s dates are changed and retain rates is selected, the folio was reflecting the original dates of the reservation for arrival and departure.

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