Processing a Cancellation

Processing cancellations is a sad but necessary part of property management.  In TRACK, there is the flexibility to process a cancellation that is split with the owner or simply post a fee.  There are just a few short steps to completing this process.

  1. Change the reservation status to ‘Cancelled’ by going to the green button (click on the upside down triangle) in the top right corner and selecting ‘Cancel Reservation.’
  2. Use the resulting pop up to post appropriate cancellation charge.  The suggested amount that will populate is determined by the cancellation policy criteria configuration.  In addition to posting the cancellation charge, the system will prompt the cancellation of any associated work orders. NOTE: The cancellation charge amount can also be zeroed out here and posted manually once the reservation is in Cancelled status which will make this a little more customize-able in terms of how much and what is being posted..
  3. Once the cancellation charge is posted, go to the Folio.  Post any additional fees that need to be charged to the guest (the cancellation charge amount should be for room only as it is usually split with the owner where the fees are not).  Note that a Cancellation Fee can also be created separately from the default ‘Cancellation Charge’ button if there is a case where the cancellation fee would not be split with the owner.  **Important Note:  How much and what you are posting in the cancellation process is HEAVILY dependent on internal processes.  Please consult with your team internally to ensure the proper fees are set up and to determine what is posted in each unique scenario.  The TRACK team is happy to assist with any setup/configuration if you need assistance.**
  4. Refund payment to the guest.  This can be done using the Unlinked Refund button or by going to the ‘Actions’ menu next to the original transaction.

The following video will walk you through this process step by step:

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