PMS Custom Fields

PMS custom fields are structured data fields that can be used in relation to units, unit types, and nodes. They are customizable to capture the data that you may want to associate with one of those PMS entities. They can be used to categorize, filter, communicate, and automate; both to your internal staff and guests. Custom fields are a multi-component product, applicable to both CRM and PMS customers. Because of this, the configuration is located in the Company Setup > Custom Fields.

To add a new custom field click on the green + Custom Field button

Team Name

Under the header team name you will find:

Name: this is the name of the field, this may be visible to guests.

Object: PMS custom fields are the objects units (PMS), unit types (PMS), and nodes (PMS)

Types Include: String (Max 255 Characters),Text (Max 65k Characters),Boolean (Yes/No Value),Integer (Number), Decimal (Currency or Percent),Date,Timestamp (Date and Time),Select (Picklist),Multi-Select Object Relationship (User, Team, Contact, etc.),Object Relationship Multi-Select

Field Settings

This is where you can control if a custom field will be visible to the public, used as a merge field, and/or is an automation condition. These are the settings that are common to both CRM and PMS.

PMS Field Settings

These fields are carried over from custom data. They control where throughout the PMS modules the custom field will be applicable.

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