Track Hospitality Software (TRACK) partner Doug Kennedy, president of Kennedy Training Network (KTN), continues to expand his influence in the hotel industry. The KTN president is one of the lodging industry’s leading experts in reservations sales, having conducted training for top tier companies for over two decades.

Kennedy’s most recent article, Trends in Reservations Inquiry Call Volumes: Is There More to the Numbers? has been published in seven lodging publications. The article details what more to look at in regards to reservation inquiry call volume besides just comparing year to date numbers. Some of the factors to consider in regards to call volume that the article discusses are:

  • Changes to the location of the phone number on the web page
  • Changes made to the display of the phone number by pay-per-click campaigns
  • Speed of third party confirmations

In addition to his widely circulated articles, Kennedy also partners with and TRACK on a webinar series about reservations in the lodging industry. Past webinars include How To Close More Sales From Inbound Email Reservations Inquiries and Understanding Why Guests Still Call.

His next webinar will take place on Tuesday, December 19th (11:00am CST) and is titled Maximizing Production via the Voice Reservations Channel in 2018. Topics of the webinar will include:

  • How to encourage more website visitors to call.
  • Best practices for measuring reservations sales productivity.
  • What can be done to encourage agents to sell higher rated accommodations.
  • Considerations in implementing staff recognition and incentives.
  • How to train your agents to sound like in-house experts they are paid to be.

The webinar will be open to all members of the lodging industry. Sign up here to register.