Outbound Marketing

 Strategically follow up on all leads and prospects while building guest relationships.

Create campaigns with unique email and tracking numbers. Measure conversions on key marketing initiatives. Automate email marketing messages based on segmented criteria to send personalized messages. Increase conversion on marketing qualified leads. Measure, display and report your outbound marketing efforts.

Email Marketing that Produces Results

Create more engaging email marketing campaigns and follow up emails.

Market to prospective guests prior, during and after their stay to increase bookings and garner repeat guests.

Use email templates without the need for a separate email marketing service.

Connect with your leads and prospects at a deeper level by leveraging data in TRACK’s CRM.

Measure results and take immediate action when your leads and prospects respond. Emails and phone calls are recorded to your Contact automatically.


Build Email Templates Easily that Promote your Brand

Email templates can be created using your property logo and type face to increase brand awareness and lead to prospect conversion rates.

Create stand-alone messages or campaigns.

Pull data from TRACK CRM into fields within the template.

Send quick targeted campaigns to interested leads and prospects.

Incorporate prospect data (names, contact info, services and events of interest) directly into your communications for higher responses.

Design, Organize, Save and Activate your own Custom Templates

Quickly create and edit using a powerful WYSIWYG editor.

Technical users have full HTML source control.

Achieve turn key results with integrated image and file storage.

Organize templates into folders by topic (quote, room type etc.), Agent process, user role, or persona for easy access.



Get Comprehensive Reports and Take Action

Know how many emails were sent by the Agent and if the Agent called the lead, prospect, guest or past guest.

Customize your report layout to focus on the data you care about most.

Easily share reports with others in CSV or Excel formats, or print to PDF.