Not Missing a Beat

Establishing an effective call center for 3,500 rooms and 12 resorts is no small feat. After a year of researching TRACK Pulse, Brittain Resorts and Hotels decided it was just what they needed as their CRM and lead management software. From the smooth interface and modern feel of the software, to the dashboards and reporting, everyone at Brittain Resorts & Hotels is experiencing the benefits.

Matthew Brittain, CEO at Brittain Resorts and Hotels shares his experience researching, implementing, and utilizing TRACK Pulse.

Amanda Szubert, Contact Center Manager at Brittain Resorts and Hotels, speaks about her and her team’s experience with TRACK Pulse.

Call center employees enjoying the benefits and user experience of  TRACK Pulse.

Dashboards and reports are displayed throughout the call center, providing up-to-date info on numbers for the day.

Contact center manager, Amanda Szubert monitors the call center with TRACK Pulse’s dashboards.

A call center employee uses TRACK Pulse to view a previous call and see the info gathered from the agent.


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