Making Prospect Follow-ups RealOf all the features I love about TRACK Pulse, I think my favorite is how it gives Reservations Agents the ability to make reservation inquiries “real”. Having the ability to gather real key details about the prospect’s vacation needs and being able to schedule emails after the call, and notate follow-up tasks within a easy to read dashboard is critical to making a prospect a guest.

This not only helps you outsell the other Reservations Agents the caller already spoke with, but also helps you and your company stand out from the competition.  Plus, it shows the prospect your interested in securing their business and positions your company as being more professional and thorough than the others. However, when it comes to sales excellence, “Good is never good enough!”

Genuine Authenticity and Unmasking the Prospects Story – Making it Real

To take your sales to the next level, make sure your follow-up conversations convey a genuine authenticity in fulfilling the prospect’s vacation and lodging needs. Normally, systematizing this task would be challenging for typical reservations teams, yet by fully utilizing the built in tools within TRACK Pulse you can rise above the others and stay in-front of the prospect to make them a guest for years to come.

Step One – Take Notes

Take note of any details mentioned during the conversation in TRACK Pulse’s Contact Record.  If you have done a good job of investigative selling, you will have “unmasked the story” behind the caller’s vacation or travel plans.  Some callers gush-out these details up front on their own; others require a bit of probing to get them to reveal their story.  Most will forfeit at least a few details that can help us sell better.

Step Two – Use Talking Points to Unmask Their Story

Here are some talking points to take note of, document in TRACK Pulse and then refer to later in your conversations, voicemails and follow-up emails:

Purpose of their trip. This is an obvious one. If someone mentions a birthday, anniversary or other celebration be sure to document this. You can later write or say “This would be perfect for your 10th anniversary visit…” or “summer family vacation.”

Who is traveling with them.  Siblings? Spouses? You can later write or say “You and your sisters will really enjoy this for your reunion weekend.”

Names of pets.  You can indicate: “Maxie is going to really enjoy taking you on long walks in the resort grounds…”

Number of times they have visited.  You can say:  “Since it’s your third time staying with us, you will really enjoy our (new or updated feature)” or “Since this is going to be your first time visiting Any-town Resort, you will have the perfect location …”

Special events / attractions. Make it a point to say “Since you are here for the festival, this would be an excellent choice…”

Mentions Of Solemn Occasions.  Show your humanity by commenting on any milestones or memorials.  “By the way, since you had shared that this is going to be a vacation to celebrate your completion of the chemotherapy, I wanted to say kudos to you for staying strong and congratulations on this milestone!”  Or “Since you mentioned this is the first vacation without grandpa, I hope the return visit brings back many happy memories of your good times together.”

TRACK Pulse Notes Help Make It Real for Prospects

Step Three – Shows You Care and Want Their Business

Be sure to mark the Lead (Prospect) for follow-up within one to three days in TRACK Pulse. When you place your follow-up calls, leave voice messages, and send follow-up emails, be sure to refer back to the notes within TRACK Pulse. These notes will help you accurately personalize your conversation, comments and messaging when speaking with or emailing the prospect.

Beating Your Competition

By making note of the real and personal details you uncover during the Reservations Inquiry Call, you can engage your prospective guest in a far more authentic and genuine style during follow up calls and email correspondence.  Whereas the Reservation Agents at the other properties will be renting units to some anonymous caller, you will be helping real guests plan what is in all likelihood the very most important event of their calendar year – their vacation.

Courtesy of Doug Kennedy | Kennedy Training Network