Importance of Vacation Rental Payment Processing Integrations

We live in a world that thrives on instant gratification. Travelers find what they want and they want it now. As a Vacation Rental Property Management company (VRMC), you want your property management software (PMS) to be have an industry leading, vacation rental payment processing integration. Finding a PMS with this capability will help your VRMC overcome operational obstacles as well as enhance guest experience pre stay. Let’s discuss how our PMS and payment processing integrations can help your VRMC improve your overall business. 

Vacation Rental Payment Processing Time

Let’s start simple with the idea of quicker gratification and manual labor. Back in the day, receptionist and office managers of inns would take a phone call, gather guest information, wait for a check in the mail, deposit the check, wait for clearance, and with fingers crossed hoping for it to be in their account within 2 weeks. Fast forward to 2019 and that is extremely unrealistic for many reasons. Your VRMC can function at a different level when the money is in the account within 48 hours. The traveler starts their full vacation experience the second the reservation is made, when the money leaves their account immediately after they hit submit they feel instant gratification that their vacation is off to a quick start. 

To enhance payment processing for the guest, make sure that your website payment page is mobile friendly. Images should adjust appropriately to the screen size of the consumer. With that being said, let’s talk about the value your VRMC will get by being able to select from multiple different Vacation Rental Payment Processing companies to fit your needs. 

Secure Payments 

PCI compliance is extremely important as a VRMC, and also improves guest satisfaction. A PMS that is PCI compliant ensures that credit card and guest information is safe and will encrypt and protect personal data and information. 

Thinking about booking a reservation, your guest is sent to a payment processing page. This page should display a PCI badge letting your guests know they are protected. They are also usually offered the option to save their credit card information. This will help to bring the guest back as a returning visitor. 

Customizable Solutions 

With TRACK having an API that is customizable to fit the needs of each partner, it allows your VRMC to select from multiple different payment processing vendors to best suit your needs. TRACK shares great partnerships with vacation rental payment processors. Now let’s talk about them. 

Ascent Processing is a small, woman-owned business that has been focused on products and services for payment processing for vacation rentals for more than 20 years. We started Ascent because we saw vacation rental property managers being charged incorrectly and grossly underserved by their credit card processor. The vacation rental industry can be complex and was definitely misunderstood. Better service and products were needed for this industry to succeed. We knew that we could do better, so we decided to truly learn more about the regulations in order to provide better service, more security, lower costs, and we wanted to be transparent while doing it.

Regina Ebert and DeAnna Constant originally worked together for years at Bancard, Inc. in Colorado. In the early 90s they were focused on payment processing and started reaching out to the property management companies in the mountains. After Regina attended First Resort Software’s User Conference in 1994, it became even more apparent that the vacation rental industry needed guidance and customized solutions to navigate payment processing. DeAnna dedicated herself to designing programs that were not only safer, but also cost effective for property managers. We worked with First Resort software to be the first reservation software in our industry to integrate a gateway and payment processing within the software for seamless merchant processing. This was a springboard to then work with other software providers, which opened up the possibilities to help even more property managers across the US.

Regina and DeAnna also developed the first security measures for the vacation rental industry. We wanted to not only assist in chargebacks, but to provide a proactive approach in protecting the property managers from the start of the funding process. Because Ascent was so committed to making a difference, Regina was then also the first payment processor asked to speak at VRMA as an advocate for educating property managers on the benefits and best ways to process credit cards within this industry.

DeAnna continued to forge the path by utilizing her banking regulation expertise and creativity to create programs specifically for vacation rentals. Together, they both recognized challenges within this industry, and knew that by working together we could make a difference. We were the driving force to create reliable tailored programs, take them to market and therefore, make payment processing for vacation rentals mainstream.

Ascent was born out of the desire to elevate the level of payment processing service, security and savings needed to drive the vacation rental industry’s ascent to success. We’ve come a long way from hauling around phone books from every city in Colorado and hand-delivering 3-part carbon copies. However, even after 20 years, the dedication to provide expert help, innovative solutions, promised results, and the commitment to drive the vacation rental, lodging and property management industry to new heights will never waver.

Experience our stellar customer support, comprehensive reporting tools, and our 20-year reputation built on integrity that you can rely on every day.

Our office is located in Boulder, Colorado.  Ascent is a registered Visa/MasterCard Member Service Provider for Elavon/Nova Information Systems through USBank, Check Commerce, and First Data. Our banking relationships ensure that funds are fully protected.

Financial information for banking institutions can be found at,, and

VacationRentPayment is a service of YapStone that delivers payment solutions for vacation rental managers, owners and their guests. We empower homeowners with a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use electronic payment platform that directly integrates with many of the leading vacation rental softwares. This platform delivers simple, monthly statements for easy reconciliation and flat-rate pricing, giving you transparency into your growing vacation rental business.

We have over 17 years of deep industry-specific payment processing expertise and a leadership team with sophisticated payments experience that helps deliver our services to more than 400,000 vacation rental properties across the country.

Check out how pairing your TRACK Hospitality Software with Lynnbrook Group can help your VRMC with payment processing.

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