How to Increase Your Housekeepers Experience



Did you know that the number one guest complaint is related to cleanliness and housekeeping? It might be hard to believe, but this was a statistic calculated prior to 2020 and a world-pandemic. Now fast forward to the end of 2020 and moving forward to 2021 and cleanliness should be a top priority for your vacation rental management company. In this article we will discuss resources and tips on how to increase the happiness of your vacation rental housekeeping staff. 

The Challenge

As a traveler or an owner, one may never know the true challenge of multiple disconnected systems or the behind the scenes of a vacation rental management company. In this article we are going to take a look at the housekeeping sector and simple enhancements in their operations. Many housekeeping departments are working off paper checklists, microsoft, their property management system, and more making simple and easy tasks much more tiresome and less desirable. 

When a staff member is disengaged or unenergized for a task, it is more likely to leave room for error. These errors could be small or extreme ranging from duplicated work, inefficient scheduling, and missed cleanings. These all lead back to disorganized systems and communications resulting in guest complaints, strained owner relations, and poor brand image.

Here are ways your vacation rental property management company can strive to improve the experience of your housekeeping department.

Save Their Time

Reducing your technology platforms to create a consistent, effective way for your internal staff and your systems to communicate in one place is key. We are going to break down the ways your vacation rental property management software can improve your property care operations. 

Assignment Tools

One consistent assignment screen with details allows for your housekeeping team to schedule a clean, decide clean type, and assign to the appropriate resource for efficient task delegation. When your property management software allows for filters within the assignment screen, managers and inspectors are able to make real-time updates according to tasks which will reflect instantly to the assignee. 

TRACK Vacation Rental Property Management Software has recently updated their Housekeeping Assignment Screen. If you’d like to learn more watch our help desk video here.

Centralized Dashboard

The first thing that a housekeeper sees when they login to the vendor portal for housekeeping should be an overview of open work orders, in progress work orders, and completed work orders.

The ideal dashboard, such as TRACK’s, provides a configured map to the housekeepers cleans for the day, as well as notifications regarding early check ins, late check outs, and back-to-back reservations. 

If you want to learn more about TRACK’s Housekeeping dashboard, you can read more in the TRACK Help Desk Article here.


Remove room for error of duplicate tasks or incomplete cleans by scheduling triggers and automations. You will save manual time with data entry by setting triggers such as guest departure, owner reservation, or excess vacant days. An example would be an owner has a reservation to check in the next day and this triggers an additional deep cleaning and inspection which would not typically be done for normal guests. This saves you time through automation and the peace of mind that the unit will be impecible for the owners visit.

With cleanliness being a top of mind priority, utilizing rule-based triggers and automations allows you to combine operational steps such as assigning appropriate staff according to location, availability, level, and more. This provides your housekeeping team to get the right person, to the right location, at the right time for efficient and effective cleans. 

Interested in learning more about TRACK’s 1.2 million triggers and automations used by vacation rental management companies such as VTrips, Southern Vacation Rentals, Meredith Lodging, and more? Download your free guide here.

Accurate Reporting

Allowing your housekeeping team to have transparent insight on their cleaning, standards, and productivity can be important. It can create a friendly-competition between housekeepers to increase their clean time or their inspection success. 

An example of a report that TRACK Provides its clients is the clean detail report. This report focuses on each day and allows housekeepers, managers, and inspectors to see who had work orders due within that day. This provides guidance and saves time on checking spreadsheets and checklists while prioritizing daily tasks.


Now that you understand the challenges in a vacation rental management company and the importance of efficient housekeeping processes. The ultimate goal should be to provide a convenient dashboard, transparent reporting, and automation to save you time, energy, and resources. If this sounds like the solution for you schedule your demo with TRACK Hospitality Software here. 

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