How to Easily Block Units

Although it is unfortunate when a unit needs to be blocked and made unavailable to reservations, sometimes it is necessary. You want to make sure you have a Property Management Software that makes this operation hassle free. Let’s look at the importance of having the ability to save time and improve accuracy by using a Property Management Software that can update blocking units for you. 

Save Time

Making sure your team is spending their time and energy efficiently and on important priorities is important. Having an employee or an entire team manually block units is not a beneficial use of their time. What is a reason you need to block a large number of units at one time you might ask? A natural disaster which would make the units unsafe for guests or cause physical damage making them unrentable would be the primary example. Now, not only are your rentals shut down, your employees could be in danger, and they might not have a property management software that allows for easy updates. Let’s look at some tips that will increase the manual time you save if you use TRACK Property Management Software and want to block units efficiently. 

Direct Connections to Distribution Channels

Make sure your property management software is connected directly to your distribution and listing sites. This could be through a channel manager such as Lexicon Technologies or it could be directly connected with your PMS, regardless, you need to make sure that it is synced and synced instantly. If you are utilizing a software that is not synced to VRBO or Airbnb, you will manually need to go in and add a reservation to block the unit. Now you have had to manually do this tedious task in your PMS and your multiple listing sites. 

Unit Blocking Feature Vs Work Order

Some Property Management Softwares have not enhanced their feature set to allow for efficient unit blocking and this is a dangerous risk to take. If your property management software requires you to create a work order for each unit you want to block this will take you unprecedented time to manually do this. It might not all be on the front end either, at the end of each month that a work order was processed to block a unit, you will need to audit all your owner statements to remove the work order. This can cause confusion and inaccurate owner statements, as well as take hours of your employees time. 

Now that your team is saving time, let’s see another use case you can use to increase guest experiences. 

Group Unit Blocks

Maybe your property management company will see an increase in revenue if you give the ability to block off multiple units as one reservation. This is doable if you utilize a property management system that allows you to effectively lock units from reservations. Blocking a group while avoiding making an additional reservation will remove the data from being added to the tape chart. In TRACK adding it is as simple as adding a couple triggers to block multiple units for one reservation. Learn how here. 

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