Hotel CRM Software: What You Need to Know

Finding a customer relationship management platform, also known as a CRM, to suit all your hotel’s needs can be daunting. When looking for the top CRM for your hotel are you looking for capturing guest data? An email marketing solution? Or are you looking for a platform that can engage your guests at a new level? Finding a hotel CRM that answers all those questions and partners with your property management system at the core should be your ultimate goal. Keep reading to learn key qualities that will enhance your view on the hotel CRM, own the guest experience and create more efficient operations. 

What is a CRM for Your Hotel? 

Owning the guest experience involves the entire lifecycle of the guest from engaging them, by converting them, and finally retaining. A well-designed CRM will be the key. Over the years hoteliers have had to piece together many disconnected systems to be able to communicate and market to their guests effectively. A CRM should empower consolidating multiple systems into one omnichannel tool for guest communications and marketing from start to finish. Utilizing an enterprise hotel CRM will connect and house all your guest data in one place, save money on multiple vendors, create seamless and personalized marketing strategies, and reduce security risks. 


The first qualities your CRM should include are tactics that help with engagement to the traveler prior to them converting. We are talking about the assistance to turn lookers into bookers. To help with this, your hotel should implement marketing and sales strategies to empower your reservation team. 

Close more reservation leads

Active lead management tools incorporated into your CRM are important for your reservation team. This enables your agents to capture all leads in one system and optimize your sales process to convert into direct bookings. Consolidate inbound calls according to guest profile, track calls, emails, text messages all from one user-friendly dashboard. 


What better time to reach your potential guest than the first time they are on your website! Adding chat to your website can increase bookings, improve guest satisfaction, and decrease inbound non-reservation calls by quickly addressing frequently asked questions with smart, quick responses. 

When looking for a CRM that includes web chat find one that is available across multiple devices. This will enable a responsive design. You also want the platform to have smart chat routing. This will increase response time and reduce the manual labor of tracking down the appropriate agent to answer the chat. When looking at the webchat feature of your hotel CRM make sure you have the ability to save your chat logs, select lead qualifications, enable browser alerts, and have one main screen of communications. All of these features will help improve guest experience before they even book! 


Now that you have the guest engaged, they are gaining interest in pulling the trigger to book at your hotel, but how do you ensure they do? You need your resort and hotel CRM to use it’s captured guest data, along with seamless automation, to entice the guest as well as keep your brand at the front of their mind. Implementing email marketing solutions can play a big role in converting the looker into the booker you want at your hotel. 

Email MarketingHotel CRM Email Marketing

Put yourself in the shoes of the traveler, after they visit your website or see your Facebook page for the first time, it is proven that they are not booking on the first visit. That time is considered the top of the funnel and brand awareness. Implementing automated email marketing campaigns linked with your CRM’s captured data will help convert your guests.

Email Marketing campaigns, along with your CRM, will allow you to personalize your guest communications. Segmenting listing to their preferences, interests, or lifecycle stage could be the characteristic that sets you apart from the other properties they have looked into. 

The CRM you use should have email marketing to eliminate manual labor with a simple interface that enables a drag and drop functionality. If you want to find one that is very simple to use, you can find one that also has pre-made templates! 

Reservation Agents

An all-in-one CRM should include lead management for your reservation agents to make outbound calls and increase booking conversions. Reservation Managers will have the ability to access customizable reports giving them ample opportunity for training agents. 


After the guest has stayed at your property, your next task is to get them to come back. You have probably heard back in the day that it is less expensive to retain a current guest than find a new one, and that is true. Implement marketing tactics that will keep your brand in the mind of the traveler by saving their preferences and capturing their data in your CRM. 

Text Messaging

Having a CRM that includes a secure messaging system, also known as SMS, will allow your team to provide exceptional guest service to entice them to return in the future and recommend your property to friends and family. The reason this feature provides such a higher level of guest experience is due to the fact that text messaging is the number one preferred communication method. Did you know that 99% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving? This provides a quick method of communication between the front desk, maintenance, and the guest. An example that this feature comes in as extremely beneficial would be the hot water is not working in their hotel room. Instead of needing to call or go to the front desk, a quick text message will efficiently solve the problem. 

Another prime example would be automating a text message to be received by the guest within hours after their check-in verifying if they need anything additional brought to their room. This provides services that will put you above your competitors and bring your guests back for repeat stays. 



hotel crm survey feature

The best way to verify how your hotel is performing and how happy your guests are is to utilize a post-stay survey through your CRM. The best surveys are customizable to your brand and color scheme and also drag and drop style to select your questions and categories. Before selecting your CRM, make sure the functionality of the survey platform provides full-service reports of the survey outcomes to have tangible takeaways to help improve guest retention.

If you are in the market for a new CRM or looking to implement one for the first time, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please reach out at

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