Exceptional Guest Experience with SMS

SMS is by far the fastest and most seamless communication on a personal level to create an impression and enhance the guest experience. 

Did you know that 98.2% of texts are opened? Let’s take that a step farther, 90% of text messages are opened within the first five minutes of receiving. It would only seem logical for your hotel or vacation rental to utilize this highly-personalized channel of communication to create exceptional guest experience. So why aren’t you? Let’s talk about why improving your guest experience, engagement, and loyalty with a CRM that provides SMS should be the future of your property. 

How you can enhance guest experience with SMS

From millennials to baby boomers, texting has come in and taken all generations as the preferred method of communication. With that being said, guests have different expectations than they did in the past. We live in an “on demand” society. Guests want a seamless way to communicate with instant feedback. 

Create efficient operations from department to department by implementing Automated or Trigger based SMS into your CRM to help improve guest communications such as: 

  • Check-in reminders
  • Alerts when their room or home is available
  • Garage and lock codes
  • Internet passwords
  • Mid-stay check-ins
  • Weather forecasts
  • Handle guests requests or complaints timely
  • Remarketing opportunities
  • Post stay surveys

A guest will be appreciative and responsive when the text messages provide value. For example, room availability alert could save the guest time if they are already onsite waiting to check in before the designated time and remarketing opportunities could provide savings for future stays. SMS should always be used alongside other channels of guest communication and there are many things you want to keep in mind while communicating via text with your guests. 

Here are some best practices to follow for SMS.

Use proper grammar and spelling. Always keep it professional when texting with a guest. Abbreviations and jargon may be the primary language between your friend group, but not when you are representing an enterprise company. The guests want to know they are working with a professional and educated individual. This will help instill trust in their stay and confidence in the property. 

Know when to text versus call. Although 64% of guests prefer text over voice as a guest service channel, it is your job to understand when it is appropriate to text, call, or visit onsite. 

Read the guests emotions. If a guest is expressing how upset, confused, or disappointed they are, addressing a problem only via written communication may not be the best approach. It is hard to gauge tone via written channels, so if you’re questioning their emotion, the best bet is to move forward with a voice channel. 

Verify what the guest prefers. If they are hesitant on replying, unresponsive, or easily confused by your messages, maybe texting is not the easiest channel for them. Providing multiple communication tools allows your property to cater to the guests preferred method to increase guest experience. 

Don’t overdo it with messages. Guests are staying at your property for one of two reasons, business or pleasure. They do not necessarily want to be glued to their phone if they are in meetings or attempting to disconnect from the world and relax. Be mindful of when you are sending the messages and have a goal in mind of the value the message provides. 

When a guest expresses concern with the timing of the text, verify how the guest would prefer to receive messages after hours and what time frame is best for them. The guest will appreciate customized services to their needs and wants. 

Moving forward with SMS. Reach out to your current vendors to find out if any of the software you use right now provide SMS. If you are interested in learning how TRACK Hospitality CRM can help you, click here to schedule time with a Solutions Consultant.

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