Decreasing Abandonment Rate

When it comes to taking reservations in your call center, nothing is more important than talking to your guests. If there’s anything that can disrupt this process, it’s call abandonment. In a perfect world, agents would be able to talk to everyone calling in, but we know that’s not the case. Our gold standard for abandonment rate is 5-8%, and with some help, this is attainable for all call centers.

What can you do?

In order to reach this gold standard, it is critical that your call center is staffed properly. With products like TRACK Pulse, you can view your busiest times of the day and week, and staff appropriately. The longer a customer has to wait to talk to an agent, the more likely they are to hang up. Besides that, you do not want to keep a customer on hold for too long, as it likely to be interpreted as a poor customer experience.

If you are understaffed at the moment, don’t be afraid to provide a realistic wait time to callers.

Tip: Most are going to be happier if you give them a timeframe instead of them hearing, “A representative will be with you shortly…” over and over.

Optimize your system

To make the process run as smooth as possible, it’s important for agents to control the caller and reduce handle time. By asking the right questions at the right time, agents are in control of the conversation, and have the ability to move the conversation on quickly. Once the agent is off the call, it’s important that they are able to reduce wrap up time, making them available to take the next call.

When a call center is properly staffed, and the agents are working as efficiently as possible, your business will see abandonment rates drop, and your call center can work its way toward the gold standard for abandonment rate, while increasing revenue by talking to more customers.