With Track Property Management system, it is easy for vacation rental managers to create unique calendar groups and pricing categories for various seasons, events, etc.


Lets say a company has 100 Vacation Rentals in their rental portfolio.  This is a beach location so their peak season is January – Spring Break.  Out of their portfolio, they have 20 rentals that they consider their premium rentals specific to couples.  They many want to take these 20 rentals and create a calendar group called “Valentines” or something along those lines.  For this time frame, they will want to break away from the default calendar grouping and attach these 20 rentals to the “Valentines” calendar group.  They will then adjust the rates, booking type (weekly, monthly, daily) and the fees associated with these units within this calendar grouping.

This is an important feature for Vacation Rental companies that typically grow beyond 100 Vacation rentals.  Calendar grouping in the Vacation Rental Software can help:

1. Maximize ADR by increasing certain units at certain times automatically

2. Decrease the number of rate plans you have to manage per unit by grouping

3. Decrease the amount of time it takes to manage rates

4. Increase revenues on certain holidays, events and unique timeframes

In other property management systems, there is only the option to create maybe up to 4 different seasons.  This becomes very restrictive and time consuming for those companies with more complex pricing and date range needs.  This means Track can grow as you grow and is often a better option for companies looking to take the next step in their Vacation Rental Software capabilities and business.