8 01, 2019

Track Hospitality Software Achieves PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 Certification


(Minneapolis, Minn.) January 7, 2019 -- Track Hospitality Software (TRACK), a product of TravelNet Solutions and an industry leading provider of integrated CRM, guest communication management, and property management solutions for hospitality, today announced the company has validated compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) version 3.2 as a Level 1 service provider. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the most rigorous industry-recognized payment-card security standard available globally. The PCI DSS Security Standard is designed to minimize the exposure of credit card data to risk of fraud or compromise. Although the PCI standard is [...]

18 12, 2018

Release Notes | December 17th, 2018

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Feature Enhancement - TRACK CRM - Secure Messaging Inquire Merging This new feature will prompt of a multiple inquiry scenario and allow them to merge the two inquiries together. This is a feature that will be enabled within TRACK CRM Setup. Configuration > TRACK CRM > Secure Messaging Preferences Standard Maintenance - TRACK PM - 2018 Tax Form Release (1099 & 1042s) This makes all of the needed changes to the 1099 and 1042s forms for the year of 2018, to be sent to Owners, Vendors, and Companies in the year of 2019. Feature Enhancement - TRACK PM - Agreement [...]

12 06, 2018

TRACK is Attending HITEC Houston, June 18-21


The TRACK Hospitality Software team will be attending HITEC Houston 2018, and we’d love to see you there. Make sure to stop by Booth 1148. HITEC is the world’s largest hospitality technology show, bringing the brightest minds and the hottest technology from around the world to one place. TRACK will be represented by Director of Product, Patrick Power, and Sr. Digital Consultant, Stephen Green. These two will be available to answer any questions you may have about the software as well as giving demonstrations of new features including TRACK Automations, real-time and time-based emails that will help optimize your contact [...]

20 06, 2017

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28 11, 2016

Rezfest Demo Giveaway Winner: Liza from Telluride Alpine Lodging


While exhibiting at Rezfest this past September, the TRACK Hospitality Software team gave away an iPad to anyone who requested a demo of TRACK. Current customers of ResortsandLodges who are not yet using TRACK Pulse also had the ability to win a new iPad. Telluride Alpine Lodging Wins IPad At RezFest We’re please to announce that Liza from Telluride Alpine Lodging is the winner! Not yet familiar with Liza or Telluride Alpine Lodging? Well, Telluride Alpine Lodging is a wonderful Colorado escape with a multitude of accommodations to suit any traveler's needs. Whether you’re looking to hit the slopes, take [...]

7 11, 2016

How To Solve The Problem With Tracking Marketing Dollars


Tracking of marketing dollars for Anna Maria Vacations was becoming more difficult and they needed an efficient way to drive more bookings. Specializing in luxury Gulf beachfront homes, condos, and bay waterfront homes, Anna Maria Vacations is a successful rental company on the western coast of Florida. Tracking Marketing Dollars and Conversions Agents had a problem working outside of the office with the exception of corresponding through email. They had difficulty working remotely, being as efficient, and serviceable to their customers. Plus, Anna Maria Vacations was spending a majority of their marketing budget on print ads.  Although Rthese ads were [...]

16 06, 2016

Revolutionizing Hotel Operations


For years, TRACK Hospitality Software has been trying find a solution to independent properties losing out on millions of reservations because they have fallen behind the latest technology and online booking engines. While trying to find a solution, TRACK has coined this problem a “billion dollar obstacle”. Bringing over 70 years of travel experience to the table, the partners at TRACK continue to try and help properties hurdle this obstacle by developing state of the art software that meets the needs of hospitality operations. What they’ve found is the buyer’s journey is long and takes place across multiple devices, so [...]

3 03, 2016

Reservation Sales Tactics 2016 with Doug Kennedy


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxABLaZGQgo&feature=youtu.be The balance of power has shifted to the caller’s side of the equation. In the past, callers had minimal information such as a brochure or directory. Now most callers have researched extensively online prior to calling. This webinar covers sales training tactics for converting today’s real-world callers into confirmed bookings. Doug Kennedy will cover: Who are today’s callers and why do they still call instead of booking online? A history of reservations sales processes that helps us understand what we need to be doing differently. How to engage multi-tasking callers to grab their attention. How to field questions [...]

4 03, 2015

Creating Multiple Seasons and Calendar Groups


With Track Property Management system, it is easy for vacation rental managers to create unique calendar groups and pricing categories for various seasons, events, etc. Example: Lets say a company has 100 Vacation Rentals in their rental portfolio.  This is a beach location so their peak season is January – Spring Break.  Out of their portfolio, they have 20 rentals that they consider their premium rentals specific to couples.  They many want to take these 20 rentals and create a calendar group called “Valentines” or something along those lines.  For this time frame, they will want to break away from [...]