07 Nov 2016

How To Solve The Problem With Tracking Marketing Dollars

Tracking of marketing dollars for Anna Maria Vacations was becoming more difficult and they needed an efficient way to drive more bookings. Specializing in luxury Gulf beachfront homes, condos, and bay waterfront homes, Anna Maria Vacations is a successful rental company on the western...

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16 Jun 2016

Revolutionizing Hotel Operations

For years, TRACK Hospitality Software has been trying find a solution to independent properties losing out on millions of reservations because they have fallen behind the latest technology and online booking engines. While trying to find a solution, TRACK has coined this problem a...

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03 Mar 2016

Reservation Sales Tactics 2016 with Doug Kennedy

The balance of power has shifted to the caller’s side of the equation. In the past, callers had minimal information such as a brochure or directory. Now most callers have researched extensively online prior to calling. This webinar covers sales training tactics for converting...

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04 Mar 2015

Creating Multiple Seasons and Calendar Groups

With Track Property Management system, it is easy for vacation rental managers to create unique calendar groups and pricing categories for various seasons, events, etc. Example: Lets say a company has 100 Vacation Rentals in their rental portfolio.  This is a beach location so...

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