17 05, 2017

The Data Shows Now Is The Right Time To Implement CRM Into Your Call / Contact Center

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We hear this all the time, "It's the summer, we can't implement anything". I get it.  It's easy to throw out that objection towards a sales person and get them off the phone. Hoteliers in the vacation travel space have told sales people this for years to avoid implementing software.  It's a valid concern, but it might not be the most important concern. Summer might actually be the perfect time to implement CRM / Call Tracking into your Resort / Vacation Rental Company. Many managers of reservations teams will not want to disrupt their people, and while this is understandable, it is [...]

20 01, 2017

TRACK Announces New Webinar Series for Manager/Agent Training

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TRACK recently kicked off a new Webinar Series for Managers and Agents to help businesses get the most out of this enterprise software.  These weekly discussions will center around new product releases, as well as helping managers and agents unlock the power of TRACK’s CRM. […]

28 12, 2016

Specialize, Specialize – Division of Labor in your Call Center

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Getting the most out of your Call Center is important as it directly affects your bottom line.  Is your Outbound Marketing strategy working as effectively as possible? Do you have your closers in the best possible position to secure a booking? Are your leads being qualified appropriately?  Let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation. You’re managing a call center with 10 agents.  Two of these individuals are great at closing bookings during the initial call, converting on over 60% of their inbound lead opportunities. Two these individuals are great at following up with travelers, qualifying your leads as well [...]

22 12, 2016

Call Monitoring/Live Listen Released

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Live Listen is an exciting new feature from TRACK Pulse that allows you to gain valuable insight into the needs of your customer and the performance of your agents.  Utilize this feature to monitor call quality and best practices, to help an agent out of a difficult situation or to improve the overall experience of the guest, and to train your team more effectively. Monitoring Quality/Best Practices Live Listen allows you to easily monitor agent performance and ensure that quality standards are being met.  You’ll be able to decide whether you’d like the agent to know your listening (Announce on [...]

14 01, 2016

The Story of the Lost Lead

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Over the last 15 years as an active member of the leisure travel market, we have seen hundreds, even thousands of our customers with a massive opportunity to increase sales. Through our experience working with multiple independent property owners, general managers and experts in sales and marketing, we have developed TRACK Pulse to address the opportunity of increasing sales for the independent lodging industry.   The Story of the Lost Lead demonstrates the path of the typical prospective guest, and how we at TRACK are helping our customers improve marketing efforts, enhance guest experience, convert more leads into bookings, and grow [...]

27 03, 2015

Agent Set Up in TRACK Pulse

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Setting up agents with smart routing across multiple queues with internal and remote vacation planner agents may seem like a daunting task.  With TRACK Pulse it isn't. It's actually very simple and intuitive.  Here is a video explaining some of the functionality and capabilities of how to do this.

4 03, 2015

How To Increase Revenue Through The Voice Channel

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Many companies today are focused on increasing online bookings, rightfully so, it’s important.  Increasing online bookings is essential for many reasons including: 1. Less human resource required for processing online bookings. 2. Easily measurable to the last click for attribution tracking. 3. Less cost associated with online bookings. These are a few of the benefits of increasing online bookings, but the reality is, many people when booking a vacation rental are not booking online, especially without talking with someone first.  Why?  Because vacation rentals are not standardized like hotel rooms are.   The average vacation rental booking is often up to [...]