22 Dec 2016

Call Monitoring/Live Listen Released

Live Listen is an exciting new feature from TRACK Pulse that allows you to gain valuable insight into the needs of your customer and the performance of your agents.  Utilize this feature to monitor call quality and best practices, to help an agent out...

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14 Jan 2016

The Story of the Lost Lead

Over the last 15 years as an active member of the leisure travel market, we have seen hundreds, even thousands of our customers with a massive opportunity to increase sales. Through our experience working with multiple independent property owners, general managers and experts in...

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27 Mar 2015

Agent Set Up in TRACK Pulse

Setting up agents with smart routing across multiple queues with internal and remote vacation planner agents may seem like a daunting task.  With TRACK Pulse it isn’t. It’s actually very simple and intuitive.  Here is a video explaining some of the functionality and capabilities...

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