4 09, 2018

World Class Contact Center Reporting and Monitoring for Reservation Managers

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  Anna Owens is the Reservation Manager at Sterling Resorts. They are a property management company that manages around 500 on the Florida Panhandle from Panama City Beach to Destin. Before using TRACK they were using Navis, which wasn’t giving Anna the functionality that she desired for her call center. She wanted a system that could deliver them better contact center reporting and monitoring to improve the productivity of the team. Improve Agent Numbers To be able to improve your numbers, you first need to be able to track your numbers. TRACK Pulse gives Anna the contact center reporting and [...]

6 11, 2017

How To Close More Sales From Inbound Email Inquiries

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Despite how great our websites are, and how prominently we post our 800-numbers, there are always those guests who prefer to inquire via email. Of course many of these come over from partner “listing” websites, but quite a few come directly from guests who find our email addresses from our website or who fill out a contact us form. Too many reservations sales agents in the resort and vacation rental market view inbound email inquiries as an interruption. Instead, we should celebrate those days when we have an extraordinary number of inquiries. Actually, managers and leaders should be doing all [...]

11 06, 2017

Engaging Prospective Web-Surfing Guests Via Chat – Offer To Call If It Gets Complicated!


Now that TRACK Pulse has added chat to its toolbox, clients will have yet another way to engage both prospective guests and existing guests beyond email and phone calls.  Maybe this is a new medium for your lodging company, or perhaps you are moving over from another system.  Either way, it is important to recognize what a fantastic tool this is for reaching out and connecting with those online guests who might otherwise book with another hotel, resort or vacation rental company or book via an expensive third party travel agency. In conducting reservations sales training for all types of [...]

16 02, 2017

Making Follow-ups To Reservation Inquiries Real For The Prospect

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Of all the features I love about TRACK Pulse, I think my favorite is how it gives Reservations Agents the ability to make reservation inquiries "real". Having the ability to gather real key details about the prospect's vacation needs and being able to schedule emails after the call, and notate follow-up tasks within a easy to read dashboard is critical to making a prospect a guest. This not only helps you outsell the other Reservations Agents the caller already spoke with, but also helps you and your company stand out from the competition.  Plus, it shows the prospect your interested in securing their business and positions your [...]

17 10, 2016

Smarter Email Marketing Using Traveler Data

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Using key data in email marketing efforts to prospective guests prior to, during, and after their stay is a great way to increase direct bookings and garner repeat guests. By capturing prospect and guest data from inbound calls and emails, integrating that data into incoming and outgoing emails drives greater results and improves customer satisfaction. Plus you can improve brand awareness and start creating multiple touch points with the traveler. Staff will also save countless hours each week by eliminating the need to send payment receipts, booking confirmation, pre-arrival information, and guest survey invitations using a targeted email automation approach. When you [...]