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21 11, 2018

The Interplay Between Voice and Online Distribution Channels

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Smart, hands-on leaders in the digital marketing space these days clearly recognize the interplay between voice and online channels.  Yet when I read articles and blog posts from esteemed publications, I get the impression that too many still believe that “voice” is a separate and “dying” distribution channel.  The stereotype seems to be that the only people who call are 80 year old grandmothers who don’t know how to work a computer. First of all, this is an insult to the octogenarians like my wonderful, tech-savvy Aunt Teeda who is as active on social media as most twenty-somethings and who [...]

9 10, 2018

Using a “Storytelling” Approach to Narrate the Pictures

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While there are so many benefits to the TRACK Pulse system, one that I am particularly fond of is that it enables trainers like me to listen-in to recordings of real calls from real callers.  This provides such insights into what today’s callers are looking to hear and is always a learning experience. One thing that always hits me is that despite all of the information that is posted online at our websites, today’s callers still seem to want us to describe what they will see and experience. In the early years of my training career I always called this [...]

21 08, 2018

To Sell Experiences Not Just Rooms, Build A Hotel Value Pyramid

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When you listen to reservations sales calls these days it is easy to recognize that too often most of the conversation is focused exclusively on the room or accommodation. Agents obtain the caller’s dates, number of people, and number of beds needed. They click enter and then read back the list of room types and rates. Little or no information is offered about the overall experience of being a guest. My regular readers know I refer to this as “website search support,” which is to treat a reservations inquiry as if it were a “tech support” call such as those [...]

1 08, 2018

Secondary Closing Techniques For Securing More Sales

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In last month’s blog for Track Hospitality Software, I addressed four primary closing techniques.  Of course despite our best efforts, callers will sometimes resist our first attempt to secure the sale.  Although this happens at all types of hotels, it seems to be even more likely to happen at resorts and other lodging companies that cater to the vacation market. I believe this is because leisure guests are the most emotionally invested in their planning process, and also because they tend to book for multiple parties, larger accommodations, and possibly more than one decision maker. With TRACK Pulse, you can [...]

22 06, 2018

Four Primary Closing Techniques For Securing More Sales

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If you’re like most resorts in North America, the peak summer vacation season is in full bloom now that summer is upon us.  Although most guests have booked in advance, the reservations team’s success at securing those last few bookings to fill-in the gaps and top-off occupancy has a huge impact on annual revenues.  Therefore, it’s a wonderful time now that demand is the strongest to do a refresher training covering the basics of how secure the sale.   Yet before we review the actual primary and secondary closing techniques, it’s important to remind reservations colleagues that securing the sale [...]

1 05, 2018

How To Sell High Season Rates And Last Available Accommodations

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Although it’s only early May, callers are already dreaming about their summer vacation plans.  Summer camp schedules are now getting confirmed and time off from work is being requested by families everywhere.  The next stage of the process is the time for mom and dad, grandmother and grandfather, or maybe the leader of the friends getaway, to start shopping for a place to stay.  Most of them will start by searching online, but many will pick up the phone and ask to speak directly to an on-site, in-house expert. On the other side of these phone calls is you, the [...]

19 04, 2018

12 Tips for Improving Communication Across Every Channel

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To boost reservations and grow your property business this year, you have to master the art of communication. In the past, communicating with customers was much simpler: it usually happened through one or two offline channels. Things are different today. Now instead of selling to travelers primarily over the phone, through the mail, or in person, you also have to successfully engage with them across a myriad of digital channels too. But here’s the problem: you can’t communicate with leads and customers in the same way across all your channels. To be effective, you have to know how to adjust [...]

4 04, 2018

What to Do When Your Agents Aren’t Hitting Their Goals

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To grow your property business in 2018 and beyond, you need a winning team at your side. You need reservation agents who can ask the right questions, nurture the right leads, and consistently hit their numbers week after week. But what happens when your agents aren’t hitting the aggressive goals you need them to hit in order to sustain your business, serve your customers, and boost profits each month? How do you approach communicating with your team, getting to the root of problem, and developing actionable solutions that can get people back on track? Here are 7 ideas that you [...]

14 02, 2018

Speak sllooowwwwly to Overcome the Objection: “I have to check with…”

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Most lodging industry reservations agents have been trained to try close the sale, which is best attempted right after rates are quoted. (Assuming that you have engaged the caller in a conversation, answered their specific questions, and sold the overall experience, as we have addressed in previous blogs and webinars.)  Likewise, most agents have also been trained to try to overcome resistance from those callers who express that they are hesitant to commit with statement such as: “I’ll have to check with my wife (or husband) first.” Or “I need to book my flights.” Or “I need to check with [...]

16 01, 2018

Eliminating Crutch Words and Slang From Your Reservations Conversations

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When supervisors and managers listen in to phone calls recorded with the TRACK Pulse system, the most common concern is whether reservations sales agents are using sales skills such as listening, asking investigative questions, selling personalized benefits and of course closing the sale.  However, we should also be looking to eliminate the habit which so many agents still have, which is to use crutch words, slang and colloquialisms.   Based on the conversations I hear from our KTN clients who have TRACK Pulse, there’s an awful lot of “and-ah” sellers out there! For example, “Tell you about the hotel? Sure! [...]