TRACK Success Story: Meredith Lodging

  • Location Oregon
  • Type Vacation Rental Company
  • Units 800+
  • Products TRACK PM, Pulse, CRM
  • Customer Since 2020

Meredith Lodging Transitioned From Multiple Systems to One Enterprise Solution.


Meredith Lodging is a leading property manager in the pacific northwest, USA. Previously, Meredith Lodging had been using a combination of different software tools to operate their rental business. Interested in consolidating their technology and upgrading to an enterprise solution, Meredith Lodging contracted TRACK Hospitality Software to address these and additional goals. Meredith Lodging wanted to:

  • Consolidate technology footprint into one platform for growth
  • Improve API access and performance
  • Improve accounting and operational workflows
  • Create automation to decrease operational costs
  • Decrease distribution costs with direct channel connections
  • Improve website and booking engine performance
  • Improve employee experience and ease of onboarding / training
  • Gain more visibility into important KPI’s


The Result


TRACK was able to eliminate several applications, consolidating V12, NAVIS, Zingle, Glad and Airbnb Distribution into one enterprise solution. This has saved Meredith Lodging operational overhead and decreased total cost of ownership, while improving workflows, automating key manual business process and enhancing overall profitability with:

  • 1000+ hours of manual workflows automated
  • $260K+ projected total savings over 5 years

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