Brittain Resorts & Hotels Makes the Switch and Increases Productivity with TRACK Pulse

  • Company Brittain Resorts & Hotels
  • Location Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
  • Type Resort & Hotel Company
  • Units 5,000+
  • Went Live December 15, 2015
  • Length of Implementation 18 Days
  • Lines Controlled 1,875

The Challenge

With resorts and properties spread across Myrtle Beach, Brittain Resorts and Hotels is no stranger to fielding large amounts of inquiries on a daily basis. In 2012, they decided it was time to establish a call center for their Reservation Agents to all be in one central location. Learning how to efficiently and effectively run a call center proved to be a slow and somewhat difficult process for Brittain Resorts and Hotels. In late 2014, they made the decision to shop for a new software, and that’s where TRACK got involved. After a year-long decision making process and talking with TRACK Hospitality Software, Brittain Resorts & Hotels made the decision that TRACK Pulse was what they needed to manage their call center.

“We switched to TRACK CRM from a legacy software provider in our space, and we feel we got on the upgraded train.”

The Solution

By implementing TRACK Pulse, Brittain Resorts & Hotels is able to better manage their agents. With up to 100 agents working at a time and 1,875 different marketing and advertising phone numbers, Brittain Resorts & Hotels looks to the dashboards and reports for quick snapshots of what is happening on the floor throughout the day.

The clean, simple interface of TRACK Pulse makes it easy for managers to know when agents need help in wrap-up, leading to heightened productivity.

It’s not just management at Brittain Resorts & Hotels that is benefiting from TRACK Pulse. Agents enjoy the one page contact form, where it’s simple to have multiple phone numbers for a single lead, so they always know who they’re talking to.

Call Tracking
Call Recording
Smart Call Routing
Agent Conversion Tracking
Lead Management System
PMS Data Sync
Dedicated Customer Success
Call Center Reporting Module

The End Result

Brittain Resorts & Hotels has been live with TRACK Pulse since December 2015, and have seen great success. Their agents have been able to adapt to TRACK Pulse with ease, and any questions that arose during the first days of being live were answered by TRACK’s on-site product manager. By choosing to implement TRACK Pulse during their non-peak season, Brittain Resorts & Hotels feels as if they haven’t missed a beat while switching from their old product.

“We were pleased with the resourcefulness of TRACK. I think the entire staff from my impression in speaking with them quite often during the process is this is going way better than we expect.”