Live Listen is an exciting new feature from TRACK Pulse that allows you to gain valuable insight into the needs of your customer and the performance of your agents.  Utilize this feature to monitor call quality and best practices, to help an agent out of a difficult situation or to improve the overall experience of the guest, and to train your team more effectively.

Monitoring Quality/Best Practices

Live Listen allows you to easily monitor agent performance and ensure that quality standards are being met.  You’ll be able to decide whether you’d like the agent to know your listening (Announce on Listen), or if you’d prefer to review performance without the agent or caller knowing.  This tool will help you to ensure a more positive customer experience and provide data-driven feedback and coaching for your agents.

Listen to Any Call

Your Manager Dashboard offers two locations from which you can listen to calls.  If you’d like to listen to calls from a specific agent, you can go to your Agents Tab and view the active calls at any time.  You can also use your Calls & Leads Tab to review any of your calls that are currently in progress.  This feature is ideal for training new agents and resolving disputes effectively as managers are able to communicate directly through internal notes in the Call Screen.

Train More Effectively

Replace handbooks and lengthy, sometimes outdated training protocols by allowing new agents to monitor calls being handled by your top agents.  All you’ll need to do is setup permission for Live Listen within the Agent roles.

Interested in learning more?  Contact our team to learn how Live Listen, and TRACK Pulse, can help you optimize the performance of your team.