Powerful Cloud Call Center

Built for small to large properties and enterprise level Reservation Teams and Call Centers.

Route calls based on Agent level and auto-route back to the previous familiarity Agent. Enable “forced wrap-up” to ensure Agent call contact record details are completed for reporting and future follow-up. Create and manage menus, directories, voicemail messages, call overflow and other important Call Center requirements.


Built for the Needs of High Performance Reservation Teams and Managers

Give your reservation team the tools needed to have smart communications with every contact call and email sent to leads, prospects and guests.

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort Success with TRACK

View how Sandestin handled more calls, reduced abandonment, tracked leads and converted more bookings using TRACK.

The TRACK Call Center Advantage

Route Incoming Calls using Auto-Attendant and Call Routing

TRACK’s cloud auto-attendant feature routes incoming calls to the appropriate phone line or Agent with advanced tools for a seamless guest experience.

  • Auto-Route to previous Agent
  • Rank Agents and deliver calls to highest converting Agent
  • Create multiple menus for different departments, brands, locations or call plans
  • Seemlessly switch back and forth for easy customization and call flow


Create Unique Call Queues with Intelligent Routing and On-Hold Experiences

Set work hours and upload unlimited messages customized to specific queues and call plans.

  • Individual queues
  • Group queues
  • Call recording rules by queue
  • Overflow and failover controls

Manage Voicemails Easily with a Unified Inbox

Setup and manage voicemails with customized rules and access levels. Unify your inbox by taking voicemails and emails into one system for assignment and follow up by an Agent.

  • Create voicemails
  • Translate speech to text
  • Create voicemail notifications
  • Access anywhere
  • Process and save as leads, assign for follow up


Real Time Manager Dashboard

Monitor and measure performance of your Agents and Call Center with real time manager Dashboards.

Measure and display:

  • Call Volume
  • Agent Statuses
  • Conversion Rates
  • Abandonment Rates
  • Max time in Queue
  • Calls in Queue
  • Available Agents

Click to drill down into individual calls or Agents to quickly see more information.

Quickly see all queues or drill down to one queue if you are managing multiple properties.


Emergency Routing

Quickly override your system and enable Emergency Routing straight to your main lines, if anything ever happens to your internet or power.


Shared Destinations

Allow your Agents to answer calls at any work station with shared destinations.


Call Recording

Customize your call recording settings. Determine how long you keep recordings. Turn off numbers, queues or Agents you don’t wish to record.


Save Call Results

Create custom call results to determine what happened after each call.  Enable forced wrap-up to ensure each call is clearly marked for reporting and future follow up.


Agent Preferences

Auto-return Agents to active status or enable time delayed returns for additional follow up. Advanced Agent preferences allow you to manage transfer timeouts and return status.


Tracking Numbers

Quickly add unlimited local or toll free tracking numbers. Assign numbers to specific campaigns to track performance and import existing numbers for free.


Flexible Routing

Auto-Route calls to the right Agent based on skill and ranking. Set calls to manual pickup mode and allow Agent to answer from any work station, anywhere.


Agent Status Management

Create customized Agent status fields to manage productivity, up-time, active time and away time.


Manage Teams

Create Managers, Team Leaders and Agents. Group teams together to gamify your Call Center and run Reports based on filters. Customize access levels based on your needs and Call Center structure.