Industry benchmarks are good indicators to use when looking at past, current and future performance of your Call Center. In order for your business to continue to grow it is good to constantly be looking at how to; increase your call to sale conversion rates, decrease your current abandonment rates, organize and keep building out your contact database to increase direct bookings and revenue.

Are you using key industry benchmarks and Using industry benchmarks and metrics for Call Centers.metrics to turn your reservations team into a sales team?

To help you, we have put together a set of key benchmarks, definitions and global metrics for your business to use as a guide when coaching a Call Center Sales Team.

5% to 8% Average

Abandonment Rate

The number of callers that hang up before an Agent answers.


5% Variance

Accuracy of Call Forecasting

The difference between the number of calls predicted to arrive
within a certain time frame, and those that actually do.



Adherence to Schedule

Measure of Agent’s degree of compliance with their schedule.



Agent Attrition

Measure of annual staff turnover.


28 Seconds

Average Speed to Answer

Average amount of time for calls to be answered during a set time period.
Callers waiting in queue are included in this metric.



Booking Rate

The rate at which Reservation Lead Calls are converted into bookings.


4 Minutes

Call Duration

Amount of time Agents on live calls spend speaking with a customer.


6 Minutes

Call Wrap-Up Time

Time after a call has finished that an Agent takes to complete any work associated with that call.



First Call Resolution

Percentage of calls where issues are resolved on the first attempt without the Agent
needing to transfer the call or call the customer back.


60% to 80%

Occupancy Rate

Amount of time Agents are on live calls, as well as, completing work associated with the calls.



Reservation Lead Rate

Rate at which non-booked calls are saved as leads a CRM.


80% of Calls Answered
Within 20 Seconds

Service Level

Percentage of calls answered with a predefined time frame.



Discuss and use these benchmark metrics as a way to coach your reservations team to operate at a higher level. Plus, if you are using TRACK Pulse you can easily add these benchmarks to site that will visible display on your Agents Dashboard.  Contact us today to learn more or contact your TRACK Customer Success Manager.  We are here to help you drive more bookings and have sales team that are consistently hitting their goals.