14 Nov 2017

How to Boost Employee Productivity at Your Property

As the end of the year quickly approaches, many property managers are busy thinking about how to boost reservations and profits in 2018. One big factor that can affect the continued growth and sustainability of every property business is employee productivity. Your employees are...

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17 Jul 2017

Overcoming “I have to check with my spouse”

The conversations that today’s reservations sales agents are having with callers have certainly changed significantly over the years as guests have so much more information prior to dialing our 800-number’s. Yet the comment we hear today just as often as back when I took...

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30 Jun 2017

Understanding the ROI of TRACK Pulse

When determining return on your SaaS investment, many property owners and revenue managers focus on how much revenue is being generated. While revenue is key performance indicator that certainly contributes to the success of your property, it’s important to be able to look further...

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07 Jun 2017

How to Use Psychology to Drive Bookings

The internet has created a double-edged sword for resorts, lodges, and properties everywhere. On the one hand, the internet has leveled the playing field—it has allowed the little guys to finally compete with the big guys. On the other hand, it has made competition...

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