Automate Work Orders Based on Vacancy Time

TRACK continues to release numerous enhancements and new features to TRACK PM for our clients. Here is an exciting new feature. This one has been requested by many customers who are looking to have the system automatically create a pre-check in work order for an inspection and clean of the property depending on the time it has sat vacant.

This is useful particularly if you want to drive automation and ensure Owners and Guests enter units that have been freshly cleaned and are up to the standards they expect if the unit has been vacant for multiple days.

The workflow is simple, for example, if a unit has been vacant for 14 days, you may want to create an automation that creates and assigns a work order to the default Housekeeper or property stager 24 hours before the next check-in. With TRACK you can now do this. Automating key workflows is one way a business can save money on manual labor and overhead, optimize operational efficiency and decrease costly drag.

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