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4 06, 2019

Release Notes | June 3rd, 2019

2019-06-04T03:38:15+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - Enhancement - Added ability to automate creation of a work order based on a fee being added to a reservation. TRACK CRM - Bug Fix - Resolves an issue where Extras Total was not populating in the merge field for CRM clients using Triggers and Automations TRACK PM - Bug Fix - Resolves an issue where posting payment on a folio was not automatically matching the actual balance of the folio. Also resolves the issue if guest is paid ahead of the payment plan, displaying a negative amount. TRACK PM - Bug Fix - Resolves an issue [...]

17 05, 2019

Release Notes | May 16th, 2019

2019-05-17T04:41:49+00:00Product Release|

- TRACK CRM - Enhancement - Adding a Company Type filter and a Company Tags filter to the list view of the Companies. - TRACK PM - Enhancement - Updated the Homeaway Validation tool to ensure it is finding the proper fees to validate against. This was made in conjunction to fees for Homeaway and AirBnB have been separated by intent - TRACK PM - Enhancement - New iteration of the Front Desk Dashboard to show the Current Unit Status, be able to access the Unit Profile Pop-up, as well as resolved an issue with the Departure Date showing the [...]

14 05, 2019

Release Notes | May 13th, 2019

2019-05-14T04:11:28+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - New Feature - Within the Owner Preferences you are now allowed to select if you want Holds to display to owners within the owner portal. Additionally if you are showing holds, you can elect to show the revenue or not. The default settings will be to show the holds and show the revenue. TRACK PM - New Feature - You can now determine what reservation types automatically get invited to the Guest App. This can be modified on a reservation type by reservation type level. If you are not going to send to all reservation types, make [...]

7 05, 2019

Release Notes | May 6th, 2019

2019-05-07T03:46:36+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - New Feature - At the unit level, a user can now set a Maximum Booking Period, as well as a Minimum Arrival Booking Window. This will look based upon Arrival of the stay inquiry. This can be applied to any channels with the exception of AirBnB. Due to the limitations of AirBnB you cannot set this per unit, or at the individual day level, they use standardized windows TRACK PM - Enhancement - Sorting Reservations Types will now be sorting alphabetically when changing reservations within an existing reservation TRACK PM - Bug Fix - Within the TRACK [...]

23 04, 2019

Release Notes | April 22nd, 2019

2019-04-23T03:11:04+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - Bug Fix - The Warning message about Maintenance Work Orders that is displayed on CRM Companies will no longer have a pop-up being generated by an incorrect query TRACK PM - Bug Fix - The Default Quantity on Suggested Fees in the IRM will now default to the default quantity set on the fee itself within the configuration of TRACK TRACK PM - New Report - Stock Items pricing report will be primarily used for two uses. You can forecast and review expenses based upon your stop item price history set on you housekeeping stock items. You [...]

16 04, 2019

Release Notes | April 15th, 2019

2019-04-16T14:00:05+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - New Report - Fee Details Report. This report will show you all fees within reservations to be able to QA and check what fees you will have realizing in the future, and at the time of booking TRACK PM - Enhancement - RemoteLock Update. Automatically adding the "#" to the end of the lock code. This will display in all of the appropriate places TRACK PM - Bug Fix - Get Directions. Directions will now link to to a directions map, not a general area / place map TRACK PM - Bug Fix - AirBnB Fees. Refactoring [...]

4 04, 2019

Release Notes | April 3rd, 2019

2019-04-04T04:37:45+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - Enhancement - Housekeeping Tasks and Task Lists are now supported in the Mobile Portal and full application TRACK PM - New Feature - Maintenance Tasks Task Lists are supported for both the mobile portal and full application. TRACK PM - Bug Fix - Accounting Deposit issue with credit memos being added to the amount, not subtracted has been resolved. This resolved the bank reconciliation issues as well. TRACK PM - Bug Fix - Triggers and Automations not firing to additional recipients including free form emails and phone numbers (texting), as well as unit roles has now been [...]

2 04, 2019

Release Notes | April 1st, 2019

2019-04-02T04:00:29+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - Update - Update to the Reservation Payment Due Report upon client feedback TRACK PM - Update - Update to the the Guarantee Policy Report upon client feedback TRACK PM - Update - Update to the Owner Statement Analysis report using the node filter to be a single select due to conflicting data using multi-select TRACK PM - Update - Now includes Unit Roles on the Export of the Housekeeping Checkout Report TRACK PM - Update - Productivity Report has been updated to allow all reservation types, and a filter where limiting the data by reservation type is [...]

26 03, 2019

Release Notes | March 25th, 2019

2019-03-26T03:55:29+00:00Product Release|

TRACK PM - New Feature - Update to Stock Items to include cost. Costs can be serialized into different costs as time progresses with the use of TRACK Software. TRACK PM - New Feature - New housekeeping functionality to group units into different housekeeping zones. This is preliminarily launched into a beta phase, but will be added to filters, reports, and assignment soon TRACK PM - Enhancement - E-Signatures now support manual sending in draft mode through PandaDocs. This requires manual configuration with your account manager. Submit a ticket to support@trackhs.com to learn all of the details TRACK PM - [...]

29 01, 2019

Release Notes | January 28th, 2019

2019-01-29T04:34:30+00:00Product Release|

Enhancement - TRACK - Enabled an Unlock User function Enhancement - TRACK PM - Full Channel Reservation API that supports custom pricing, payment methods, channel tax remittance, cancellations, and unlimited channel connections. Enhancement - TRACK PM - Full Pricing API to allow channels to cache rates, fee pricing, person pricing, tax policies and more Enhancement - TRACK PM - On payment, charges, and other financial entry fields no long causes issues when entering a comma in an amount Bug Fix - TRACK PM - Owner Statement redirect bug in getting the proper statement type in viewing (Weekly, Monthly, Annual) Bug [...]