3 Contact Center Essentials for Success

Is your independent hotel, resort, or vacation rental company setting up your reservation agents for success? Managing a contact center is a very rigorous task including pressure around staying in budget, staffing, call quality, and profitability. Checking that your contact center enforces and utilizes the following 3 essentials will help ensure you hit your goals.

  1. Call Tracking and Routing

Call tracking is an important component to measure key data and performance insights. Reservation teams can utilize call tracking technology to capture contact data, improve customer service, and save leads.

Call Logs 

Customizable user control in call logs allows your agents to quickly search and filter to find calls, listen to recordings, and see all the history of communications such as voice, email, text, and chat. Allowing your reservation team access to listen to call playbacks will help when dealing with customer complaints and disputes. The ease of customizable logs including filters by agent, campaign, dates, and names can improve coaching opportunities, as well.

Call logs also allow you to define consistent patterns and trends that require you to manage accordingly. Pay attention to how calls are distributed by day of the week and hour of each day. Adjustments to staffing can improve your customer’s experience by reducing wait time.

Intelligent Routing

Make implementing campaigns a breeze by managing local and toll-free tracking numbers. This will help you understand the success of your marketing by tracking the channels your callers are coming from.

Many integrations such as Twilio are available to help you connect multiple systems to one place. A benefit of using Twilio is you gain instant access, can have as many numbers as you’d like, and only pay for what you use.

Real-Time Reporting

Reporting is important, real-time reporting in a contact center is crucial. To optimize your performance and decrease lost efficiency and revenue, it requires user-friendly, real-time dashboards. Find real-time reporting that allows you customizable filters that are fast to run to fit your needs.

  1. Agent Management & Performance Coaching

Staffing in a contact center can be tiresome. Answering phone calls all day easily gets monotonous and frustrating, so who do you plan to coach and keep your agents engaged? Empowering your agents to perform to their best ability by providing insights on their conversion rates, call quality, and more is useful.

Using a cloud based contact center (Such as TRACK Pulse) gives you the advantage to manage agents who are remote and in office. This provides you the opportunity to widen your hiring base, take calls from anywhere, and saves you time and money.

Implementing a call scoring system lets you score and audit calls with ease. This will help ensure your agents are staying compliant by auditing for accuracy. These tools will help you coach on best practices in a contact center and overcome challenges your agents may be facing.

As brought up before, staying engaged in a contact center can be hard for agents. As a manager, you should be able to easily access dashboard to implement goals and games for your agents. Display colorful results and show your leaders in conversions, conversion rates, revenue, call performance and accuracy. This will give your agents something to strive for.

  1. Web Chat

Having web chat on your website will help reduce non-reservation inbound calls to your call center which will benefit your call center reporting. Innovative reservation teams who implement web chat see an increase in conversion rates, and answer frequently asked questions to improve their customer service.

Having chat on your website allows you to direct messages to agents who are qualified to answer in a timely manner. Not only will this increase your customer communication quality, it will improve your internal efficiency as well. Adding the quick reply feature empowers agents to focus on accuracy and efficiency at the same time.

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