2019 VRMA International Take Aways

That’s a wrap folks, VRMA International in New Orleans has closed up the doors to the exhibit hall, ended all educational sessions, and planes have landed at home destinations. The conference may be over but the energy radiating around the event is nowhere near over for Vacation Rental Management Companies (VRMC) and vendors alike.

TravelNet Solutions (TNS) sent 16 eager employees to help support TNS at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans where over 225 VRMC strolled booth to booth.  Beginning on October 13th, the attendees began touring the exhibit hall with a kickoff happy hour leading to 3 days of over 100+ industry leading suppliers and exciting educational sessions.

Throughout the event, many industry trends were uncovered and TRACK by TravelNet Solutions as well as TNS Digital Marketing services provided insight and solutions to many attendees in question. Here is what TNS learned spending 3 days in the field with clients and potential clients. 


People are in the ‘I want to buy’ phase

Greg Van Ness, Director of Sales Operations at TNS said it perfectly, being his 4th time attending VRMA International, the market has changed drastically over the years. In the past attendees seemed to be there to find value in neat new features and educational sessions. Today, VRMCs are shopping to sign on the dotted line. There is a need in the industry, and the lines at the booths ready to demo and sign on the spot proved it. 

Changes in the Vacation Rental PMS industry are evident. Prices are rising and trusted providers are disappearing, forcing VRMC to shop and switch PMS near immediately. With that being said, Greg’s favorite part about VRMA International 2019 was being able to see that in person. “Seeing groups of people all demoing at once is really cool, it’s a definite growth opportunity for PMS companies in the industry.”


Networking is huge

We all know it’s a small world out there, everyone knows someone… who in turn knows that same someone. Take that times ten and you have the vacation rental industry. Pete, a Solutions Consultant for the Digital Marketing side of TNS, came to this realization as he attended his first VRMA International. “Networking is HUGE,” he said, “Being able to be in front of people and get a chance to get to know them instead of selling them”

Pete made a very valid point, the vacation rental industry is a different breed. Vendors, VRMC, and even event workers bond on a different level over cold drinks, tasty appetizers, and good company. There is not just one happy hour, there is seven, and everyone is allowed to attend making the energy contagious. VRMA International is the epitome of people buy from people! 

Some exciting networking events that TNS was able to be a part of was Happy Hour at Redfish Grill sponsored by TRACK, KeyData, RedSky, VRM Intel, Breezeway, ICND, and Truplace, the Beyond Pricing Bourbon Street Parade, and the VRMA Advocacy Dinner.



People want innovation

People are changing PMS for multiple reasons, innovation and new releases being one of them. Change is a scary thing, but when it is for the better it is not as scary. Patrick Power, TRACK Product Manager, was able to spark some excitement with attendees by discussing the velocity and innovations TRACK is seeing. 

In 2019, TRACK has had over 150 releases and new feature enhancements. (Follow our Linkedin here to watch feature update tutorials) VRMA attendees made it very evident that the grass can be greener when switching their PMS and they are taking advantage of that. With lines at demo stations at booth 313, attendees expressed that the inability of scalability is exactly what they fear the most with their current providers. Discussing the opportunities and support for VRMC’s to grow with TRACK PMS really drew a crowd and excitement in attendees!

Trends from VRMA International 2019

Well there you have it, folks. VRMA International was a success for TNS bringing home education on the industry. The industry is evolving quickly, VRMCs are at the bottom of the funnel ready to buy, and looking for a positive change. 

If you’re interested in learning more about TRACK or TNS Digital Marketing, click here! We look forward to hearing from you


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